Sálongo's Art
Sálongo's Art
Inside My Self Series #4
4/4x5 color (slides). Converted to b&w 35mm film, hand painted and printed.

Artists Statement & Bio:

Artist Statement:

I create what I see in my minds Third Eye. I want my thoughts, feelings, joys, loves and fears of life to be touchable, seen and shared by the viewer. It is not always going to be pretty images. Sometimes it will be art that will shake your soul, distrub your well being  and make one think about their life and the journey they are on.

Creative Mediums:

I use Photography, both digital and scanned film negatives, some that are hand painted. I also work with mixed media paintings and create large installation pieces, using acrylic paints, found objects and text. I create what I call my Wall Books, which can be as large as 24"x48" , as well as handmade photo & poetry books and  self published books that are available on Amazon and through my web bookstore. These books include essays, artwork, photographs and original Haiku Poetry. In addition I work with Air Dried and Polymer Clay that is backed in an electric oven to create music boxes, jewelry, wall masks and my  flying pigs.

Where To View and Purchase My Work:

Currently my artwork and books can be viewed and purchased at ArtsNatchez Gallery in downtown historic Natchez, MS, which was founded in 1716. We are located at 425 Main Street. We are open  from 10:00AM-5:00PM, every day. https://artsnatchez.com/

Upcoming Exhibitions of My Artwork & Books:

Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration, Thurs. -Sat. February 27-29, 2020

Natchez Convention Center,211 Main St, Downtown Natchez 39120

Artist Booths in Main Lobby

Arts Natchez Featured Artist/A Double Exhibition:  June 12-July 8, 2020

Meet The Artist Reception: Saturday June 13, 2020 4:00PM-7:00PM

New  Clay Work 2020: Music Boxes, Jewelry & Masks

Momentos, Nick Knacks & Souvenirs/ A Photo Essay of 

Sacred Objects and Their Owners. Funded By the Mississippi Arts Council Artist Mini Grant

Group Exhibition Black Heritage Gallery October 2020  Dates TBA:

1001 Ryan St, Lake Charles Louisiana 337.488.0567

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