Photography has been my passion and career for over 45 year, that passion has never wained.

For me it is that moment when light, shadows and colors come together and you captured that once in a life

time moment of history being made or an event or that may only happen once in my life time. Some images

are best in color, while others are best in black&white. when I began you had to shoot color film or b&w film,

carry two cameras or use a camera with interchangeable film holders. The I'd send my film out to be process

and printed or do it myself in my home darkroom. Now technology allows me to have one camera and I choose

to shoot in color or b&w or I can covert it in the computer, which has become my darkroom. From the ease of

my chair I print my own images or upload them to printing service. But despite all these innovations in the

technology it is still about choosing the right lens, the right angle waiting for the right moment when the lights,

shadows and colors come together. That's when you have make the decision to click the shutter!

"Shelter Me Under Your Wings, Oh Lord"

16"x24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas  LE/5  $400.00


"I See You"

20"x16" Gallery Wrapped Canvas  LE/5  $400.00


"Fat Kids Dance Under The Eye of The Moon Goddess"

"18"x12" on Metal  LE/25 $300.00


"Mad MouseTea Party In The Alley"

"18"x12" on Metal  LE/25 $300.00