My Books

My Hand Made Books:


With the creation of movable type, the printing press and paper the art of creating books spread across the world.


Despite all the technological advances the hand made book is the most treasured item that one can share with another.


They can be made from any material, stand on a table, mounted on a wall and even be worn one ones body.


I love making hand made book with my original images and Haiku poetry and will be starting a new series as well as continuing to self-publish printed books.


These are just a few of my handmade books I've created

over the past fifteen years. All the books shown here are in private collections except for those #5, #9 and #10 that are in my personal collection.

Gallery #2

Truth Or Lie: What Blacks Believe & What whites Believe: Vol. I  2005

A  Book Created By Gallery Visitors

Writing Answers To Questions Posted By The

Artist On The Pages

The Pages Will Be Available June 2017

NFS/Collection of The Artist

Vol : ll Coming Summer 2017