About The Artist: Sálongo Lee

      Photography has been my passion, love and life since high school and It became my career more than four decades ago upon my honorable discharge from the US Air Force and I opened my first photography studio in Miami Florida. That journey as a commercial photographer, photojournalist and performance photographer was just preparation to my becoming a visual artist. That transition took place in 1993, when I moved to San Francisco to attend California State University San Francisco as a studio art major. My undergrad major was photography with minors in printmaking and mixed media sculpture.


     Creating meaningful art, that conveys a message or makes a statement is akin to going to battle with one's inner voices and imagination. To create and win, one has to have the weapons to conquer the blank canvas that stares back at you from your third eye. My weapons of choice are photography, mixed media constructions, clay sculpture and Haiku poetry. I  use any and all of these mediums speak to the world with my art. There will be no retreat, no apologies and no surrender!


 Creating art is my life and my passion.